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List of Commercial Clients:

- Renters Warehouse

- Flaherty's Arden Bowling

- Eddie Bauer Store, Mall of America

- TRIA Orthopaedic

- Maplewood Pediatric Dentistry

- John Deere Dealerships in Saint Cloud, MN, Glencoe, MN, Tyler, MN, Glenwood, MN, Sauk Centre, MN,

 Ashley, ND, Kenmare, ND, Harvey, ND, Velva, ND, Napoleon SD, Wayne, NE

- St. Paul Children's Hospital

- Shoreview Waterpark

- Regency Pointe Apartments

- Monkey Around Daycare

- Edina Waterpark

- The Golden Nugget

- Lion's Gym

- Amery Regional Medical Center

- La Petite Dentistry Hudson, WI

- Sherwin Williams Woodbury, MN

- Wild Bill's Restaurants

- Ultra Tan

- Johnson Brother's Winery

- The Murals At Lynlake Condominiums

- Douglas Animal Hospital

- Firestone Tires

- Bally's Fitness

- Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center

- Grace Counseling Center







Custom Commercial Painting

When you hire someone to do your custom commercial painting you want someone who will handle the job from start to finish, in a professional manner and with perfect results.  That's why you should hire me!  I am very comfortable completing custom commercial projects of all sizes.  I am experienced working in high, hard to reach areas and I always pay very close attention to details, I want the job to be perfect.  I have worked on various commercial sites and know how to carry myself in a professional yet friendly manner around your customers.

Having a "regular" painter's background enables me to do all phases of a custom paint job, including any priming/base coats, in a very timely manner.

Painting Companies:  feel free to sub me your custom painting!  References from other Painting Companies available upon request.

Call me today for a free estimate:   651-248-9412

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